The Basic Factors That Affect Sound

- Sep 18, 2016-

Equipment of the match, is a terrible thing, you open audio magazines, you figure out how much light is called brand in the world, I believe no one dare give you the answer, with each brand will produce different models, each brand Voice orientation is different, even if you have a skill, which is equipped with the equipment that you may only use their experience (and sometimes intuition) to just hand equipment or wires as with it, whether it is appropriate, when there are a lot of test results the controversy, so you only for reference.     Here to talk about other fundamental factors affect the sound, but also because of these factors, the fans have something to play on, but these factors can be understood, there must be a great help when school sound. The first is the environmental factors, the second is the human factor. Here we talk about environmental factors, this factor is the most complex because it includes the following features: a listening resonance characteristics of the environment; two external shock; three reinfusion sound vibrations; four acoustic listening room... characteristic     If the resonance characteristics of the environment with a spectrum analyzer test to test, then the frequency response curve of the room will be like the dragon-like ups and downs uneven, even if you use the equipment, how advanced, will also be subject to the acoustic characteristics of the room, how do you eliminate or mitigate the impact of this congenital room so flat response, so that a combination of good performance, depends on the effort you play. The proportion of a rectangular room easier to handle, very sensitive to the square of the room, standing and particularly severe, difficult to deal with, understand little friends all know that this sound is almost incurable disease, is difficult to play pretty sound.     Alien Shock: Some listening room near the roadside or close factories, or next door to the room or lift pumping stations and the like, many cases are subject to noise or ultra-low frequency impact when the car passes through the machine and start caused, so that audio equipment subject to vibration and muffled speech, this seems only for removal or imitate studio design in the house and outside the house to make a cut and float room to spare soundproofing measures available to avoid.     Sound reinfusion shock: When audio mix work, the sound will shake the walls, ceiling and floor, more part of the direct or indirect impact of audio equipment, these vibrations via different media, such as audio racks, air, etc. at different speeds and intensity has back to the equipment, caused by equipment vibration and produce its own resonance, resulting in subtle changes in work flow of electrons in the equipment line and make the voice change, resulting in blurred sound, it can be said to be a distortion. Most of the market, supports audio equipment accessories, such as nail foot, what wood, steel grit categories of products, are designed to deal with such resonance production.     Acoustic characteristics of the listening room: In addition to the above talked about listening room congenital due to the impact of scale and shape of the frequency characteristic generated by the construction material during each listening room, and when to do the decoration materials in the interior of the future, layout, furniture, curtains, etc. everything will change the original sound innate characteristic, predictable part of these changes, or to calculate, but many unknown factors, such as renovation and construction, with a later date when the material moved furniture, carpet thickness, location and other furnishings , it is difficult to estimate, and no data is available, even if the sound engineer carries it no way. Because of this, smart enthusiasts take for granted to some random design, they are more in the future only fine Italian to analyze the acoustic characteristics of the room, and then the current market can be used for tuning the material, or for example, RGP board, Room specialty materials Ture, Sonex, the diffusion plate and the like characteristics of the room to be fine, more often than blindly self-righteous to go through a chaotic mix, the end difficult to get good.

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