Rover With Wireless Portable Audio Industry

- Dec 24, 2015-

Domestic leading brand multimedia audio device "Rambler" in the release this summer of its new Bluetooth portable stereo – "magic bricks M5", a listing with its stylish design and superior sound quality play, become a new darling in the market. Has left many in the industry see a Bluetooth portable stereo future trends – sleek, minimalist style and diverse functional experience, perfect sound performance and lightweight body.

"Magic block" has a simple and fashionable appearance, coupled with advanced Bluetooth technology outreach, music anywhere in the home all the time. Meanwhile, "magic block" heritage walk deep in the field of audio technology accumulated over the years, easily leading to similar products of fever-level sound quality, allowing users to easily experience comparable to auditory effects of sound. Moreover, the fuselage of the TPU rubber has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance not only, while water cold, dust and stains. On a single charge, continuous Broadcast 15 hours of battery life under normal volume capacity, enough to meet the modern demand for good music with you in the outdoor environment. In addition, the "magic block" good car phone, for car owners driving communications also provide new choices.

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