Melee Soon Usher In The Mergers And Acquisitions LED Industry Consolidation

- Dec 24, 2015-

"Inner circle meet each other before asking ' made no ' now, everyone says, ' go without. "A boss who LED the enterprise quipped.

Most entrepreneurs believe that after the rapid development in the last two years, LED industry is about to say goodbye to melee, merger and acquisition is the best way that enterprises in the fierce market competition.

These CEOs believe that LED industry mergers and acquisitions boom was in full swing, just the opportunity to listed companies, but also opportunities for non-listed companies. Although ownership throwing acquirer shareholders through the resale of shares but in relation to mergers and acquisitions of listed shares, equal to indirect market, and most of the mergers and acquisitions, the original shareholders and consequently lose their management rights.

However, listed companies in the merger and acquisition activity is clearly more advantageous. Lian Jian photoelectric notice on September 26, to "stock + cash" means acquisition of Shenzhen Eastar electronic co., Ltd. Easy to reach the main business for LED display, had previously planned IPO, corporate profitability is not less than their peers.

In the upstream industry chain, LED chip benefits from the terminal of the LED lighting market development, continuing popular LED chip market in the first half of this year. In the middle reaches of the chain, each LED packaging enterprises have little difference in technology, differing only in the capacity of enterprises. Some businesses through mergers and acquisitions, integrate with other small business resources for expansion purposes. Jing Gong Wen Taiwan shares believe that future encapsulates the decisive factor will be the management of enterprise competitive ability, cost control, as well as the size and brand, and so on.

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