Govt Platform To Monitor Bike Sharing In Hangzhou

- Dec 09, 2017-

Some 880,000 shared bikes in China's eastern city of Hangzhou will be monitored by a new collective platform, the city's transport authority said Friday.

The platform includes six systems, such as daily monitoring, credit evaluation and deposit management, the authority said, adding that some functions are still under construction.

Seven bike-sharing companies, including industry leaders Mobike and Ofo, are taking part in the platform, with a total of 882,700 bikes under its unified management.

"Data will be made available to transport, urban management and traffic police," said Zheng Kai, transport authority spokesperson.

Scenic areas, metro stations and commercial districts are the key areas being monitored, Zheng said. The platform is aimed at increasing convenience for bike users without affecting traffic and the urban environment.

From China Daily

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