Bluetooth Will Rule The World? Wireless Future Trend Analysis

- Dec 24, 2015-

Hot about wireless products can be traced back to two or three years ago, it was dropped to 99 Yuan began with 2.4G wireless headphones. But as far as the wireless market, Bluetooth is absolutely the mainstream status. Won't say how hot the Bluetooth headset market, ramblers, and Hui Wei, Microlab and other first-tier multimedia speaker manufacturers have dabbled in Bluetooth speaker products manufacturing. If the action with an industry leading enterprise, then the future direction of the industry must follow them.

Previously said wireless is hot by 2.4G, then why would eventually be Bluetooth has become mainstream? Bluetooth can be singled out 2.4G? In fact, by comparison, Bluetooth technology with its unique advantages.

Given the maturing of the Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth is not the early years the guy who is not very convenient to use. Early Bluetooth due to compatibility issues, for Bluetooth device is also very picky, not all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone can connect Bluetooth speaker; not everyone can transfer files with Bluetooth-enabled devices, Bluetooth Bluetooth headset-only access, and applies a narrower coverage.

Development to the present, Bluetooth is very powerful. Supports advanced audio version of the Bluetooth protocol transport protocol (A2DP), Bluetooth device itself, controls for playback devices, including, but not limited to, play, pause, volume, small volume, previous track, next track, etc, the full realization of the wireless control. Of course, seamless connectivity and Bluetooth can even switch after entering the working area when the device can automatically switch the Bluetooth devices currently matching and seamless switching, greatly enhance the user experience.

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