AV And VC Industry From Multimedia Conference Room Integration Development

- Dec 24, 2015-

VC conference system based on real-time voice, video, text, image, and animation and other media through the process of remote information exchange network. Video Conference, China reported overall market size reached more than 5 billion yuan in 2011. But hard to come by for the AV industry has brought more opportunities. Of course must have been very large. Equal opportunities in the market, brands, technology, and functions as the Guide, leading the trend. 2003 SARS led to the rapid development of the VC. Property development at the beginning of this century also brought enough to AV multimedia market space. GPD growth, boosting consumption, excessive consumption in the integration of multimedia conferences are common. In 2012 the economy returns to normal, direct user consumption habits change, change in values. Rational consumption, and investment will become the mainstream of science. In the pursuit of new technologies, new products, new features, new experiences, to the practical realization of a substantive result. More ideas on change.

Market adjusted for integrators. Should not be cruel competition reduces profits. As the industry entered a period of healing. Cut to the same vicious cycle of research and development investment brings new technologies ice age. Market segments, solutions for situations provided for the occasion. Different customers, has a different function. Customized, personalized and practical software solutions will be more and more attention. We are delighted to see that different technical characteristics of integrated sustainable development application level control, management and application platform software. Combined with AV and VC. System is not fragmented, makes application much easier. How to put across the Platform scale, lower the investment threshold. Modular, customized software development, how to OA, BA cross-platform applications. How to control logical interfaces more intuitive. These multimedia conference room to build a ground-breaking development, very worth the wait.

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