Analysis On The Diamond Development Trend Of Bluetooth Speakers

- Dec 24, 2015-

When it comes to the development of Bluetooth speaker, it is a concept often change. If Bluetooth speaker focuses on music from the beginning, then began to focus on design in the medium term to suck fine, and now many Bluetooth speakers was started to offer many additional features to increase the selling point. And all this, in my opinion with Ai Teming King Kong has great access to the development of the series. King Kong 4 's new launch, also confirmed this, so today, we may wish to understand the development rule of diamond Bluetooth speaker is to look at the whole industry changes.

We want to cater to the market, it is also true to itself. This proposition is very difficult, if true to yourself, you are likely to be eliminated by the times. We can take a look at Bluetooth speaker industry relocation, about 4 years ago, Bluetooth speaker market started hot, when everyone is to run to the market, the market really be healthy growth?

And sure enough, Bluetooth speaker gave the impression at the time was fortress, is the impression, is due to their shallow, both material design and audio function, no favourable place. Don't process the, same design, you can see that many brands have, Yes, brain-free imitation. In such an environment, Ai Teming introduced the Donkey Kong series, while diamond does not cater to the market trend, but true to itself, and true to itself, if the quality is high enough, you will no longer be eliminated, but lead the industry.

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