Actual Status And Development Of Bluetooth Technology

- Dec 24, 2015-

Although Bluetooth technology will give people work and way to bring great change, human-machine interfaces more user-friendly. Currently Bluetooth technology 1. 0 can only 1Mbit/s voice and data transmission standards, but the 2003 launch of Bluetooth technology 2. 0-compliant transfer rate up to 12Mb, it will also use intelligent frequency-hopping technology with 1. 0 compliant. Maybe in the near future, people go out to ride trains and airplanes will become very easy booking, tickets, checking, and so on, can be extremely relaxed; information about home security systems, home appliances remote control with the use of automated and networked. These very good prospect or what we need to do a lot of work, but the development of Bluetooth technology can provide the possibility of achieving, provides some new concepts. The joint efforts of the sector in recent years, rapid development of Bluetooth products, sold in good condition, but most users faced many difficulties in set up and connect to the Bluetooth device. Currently, customers who buy Bluetooth device must first spend a few hours of time to study the menu, pairing Bluetooth devices and set the rules before you can connect to two Bluetooth system, very convenient to use. Bluetooth industry is exploring a new way to ensure that consumers buy Bluetooth devices, to quickly establish a Bluetooth connection. In this regard, Sony at the forefront. Sony launched in 2003 Bluetooth World Congress FEEL proprietary Bluetooth technology will be able to achieve between Sony's products provide fast and easy connection to Bluetooth, can FEEL in our mobile phones and PDA close to personal computers, and so on,Throughout the course of user authentication and content delivery, which greatly improved the availability of Bluetooth products. Currently only used in Sony's Bluetooth devices, to large-area use needed years of efforts in the industry. All in all, sell Bluetooth doesn't work is a big problem of the current Bluetooth device.

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