What's music speaker

- Sep 17, 2016-

Speaker is basically composed of three parts: the speaker, frequency divider, box. According to the number of how many speakers only are divided into two units, three units.

Another is the tweeter and woofer integrally formed, called coaxial unit, is a unit in appearance, in fact, still two units.

      Divider name suggests is the audible sound of the band [20--20000Hz] divided into several frequency bands, respectively, sent to the corresponding speaker unit. According to the number of bands divided, divided into high, two bass called two-way into high, medium and low three sections of the three-way call, and so on.

      Cabinet, generally made from the wood or MDF, according to the box structure is divided into a closed box [no phase hole, the air inside the box and external insulation], inverter box [inverted phase hole]. There are some less common cabinet structure: the labyrinth, exponential, negative resistance type, number of drum and the like.

According to the speaker's range is divided into: professional box [for performances, hall, hall, field, Hall PA]

Monitor box [recording for professional monitoring various institutions] civil case.

      According to speaker placement is divided into boxes and floor boxes bookshelf, bookshelf box is more than two units, two-way structure, more use in the room less than 20 square feet. Floor boxes are mostly multi-unit, multisection frequency structure. More use of 20 square feet or more.

Speaker performance indicators:

       Speakers are generally marked many of his most common application parameters are:

       Power: W or VA metering for general use, as common

      Nominal power [rated power, power without distortion] refers to a non-linear distortion does not exceed the maximum input power of this speaker standard range of conditions. He is the speaker of the normal operating power, long-term continuous operation without damage.


      He acres ¨Ò seize retractor? Brag coarse Shen fresh ┘? Watts of pink noise voltage at the reference point one meter away from the sound pressure generated by the premises. In decibels [db] FIG. Speaker of the sensitivity, the more sound in the same drive power, which in the use of low-power amplifier, the sensitivity becomes very important.

      Impedance: It refers to the audio input signal is applied to the speaker, the speaker exhibited by a pure resistance. Common are 4 ohms, 8 ohms, foreign countries also have Euro 3, Euro 5 system. Note To match the output impedance of the amplifier when used. Especially tube amp speaker impedance matching is particularly important.

       Frequency range:

       It's hard to say a few words to define clear, generally refers to the speaker in the audio frequency range and low ends decrease negative 3

      When reproducing frequency range db. Nature is as widely as possible, and now the HI-FI speakers at the high end and even do 20000HZ 30000HZ to reproduction is not a problem, since the low frequency limitations and restrictions caliber speaker cabinet volume by, so it is 20HZ not easy, general bookshelf speaker low frequency even worse.

      Well, now that you have some understanding of the speaker. Really it is very simple, but extremely simple to do. For it is in the early Shaoyou mastered a certain knowledge base after speaker, make yourself one pair of entry-level HI-FI speaker is not very difficult. Especially now that some businesses launched a number of speakers kit, you just follow the detailed installation drawings produced, the success rate is very high, and because the manufacturers of these kits have been carefully designed and match, so the sound quality and effect there is a certain guarantee, and its cost is only finished one-half to one-quarter. I use elaborate gentleman Bao 8545K unit and speakers with a single

      Yuan importing speaker compared by a number of senior enthusiasts listening evaluation, sound never under foreign goods, and costs only $ 3,000 and only a quarter of imported goods.

      Do not make the speaker arbitrarily arranged to buy several units and a frequency divider, buy a box of finished things up a Bahrain. So produced is definitely not a good speaker. And now too many counterfeit and shoddy products, quality can not be guaranteed on the market. Safer way from some of the higher unit sales reputable mail-order kit sets. If your woodwork is good enough, according to his own recommendation to create a cabinet blueprint is entirely possible, or find a carpenter to do it, as long as the cabinet volume and bass unit to match the volume recommended.

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