What is the application of bluetooth ?

- Apr 18, 2017-

What is the application of bluetooth technology ?

The first and foremost application of Bluetooth technology would be to eradicate the tangling of cables that would mess up the room.

1. Bluetooth's biggest contribution is to provide a phone with a headset that works wirelessly. This is possible by providing the caller with an earpiece and a small microphone attached to the caller's shirt. The mobile phone can be located in a bag or anywhere in the body. The caller can dial a number even without touching a button on the mobile phone. This technology has the advantage of eliminating the radiation hitting the cerebral region.


2. PDA, PC or laptop which has enabled Bluetooth can communicate with each other and update with its latest information. This technology has helped in synchronizing the data easily.


3. It is difficult to send emails while travelling in a flight. On landing of the flight, the Bluetooth enabled laptop can send the email only when it gets in touch with the user's phone.


4.  Wireless mouse, wireless bluetooth speaker and keyboards are introduced.


5. One will be alerted on his/her mobile phone when your laptop receives the mail.


6. You can try to locate a printer via laptop. You will get the printout of that document once that printer is located.

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