What are stereo earbuds

- Jun 27, 2017-

Stereo earbuds are small earpieces that fit into each ear, allowing consumers to listen to devices like iPods, CD players and cell phones. These earbuds allow listeners to enjoy music, books on tape or movies without interrupting others. This kind of stereo accessory tends to be popular due to the extensive use of iPods and cell phones and have basically replaced larger stereo headphones, which tend to be bulky and not as portable. Since these earbuds are miniature, they are usually easy to stow away by tucking them into a purse or pocket, so that they can be taken almost anywhere. They are sometimes also used to plug into laptops to listen to music or even watch a movie.

This kind of accessory is often used with music devices such as an iPod. Since iPods tend to be pocket sized, stereo earbuds are also manufactured to fit this miniature music player. Stereo earbuds usually come with an iPod, but they often do not last long and will probably, at some point, need to be replaced. They are usually fairly easy to purchase, and are carried in many stores, even some convenience stores, so that listening to music may be enjoyed just about anywhere.

For cell phones, stereo earbuds are often used when driving in the car. The earbuds allow cell phone users to listen hands free. This comes in handy when traveling, since using a hand held cell phone may be illegal in many places. When stereo earbuds are used, driving while chatting on a cell phone may make talking safer, and, in some places, legal.

These earbuds come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Some consumers prefer a smaller earbud that nestles directly inside the ear canal, while others prefer an earbud that is a little larger and doesn’t fit so snugly. They also come in designer colors,such as purple, pink and blue, to coordinate with iPods or phones. Other features include retractable wires for easy storage and an around-the-ear hook to keep the device in your ear.

Although this kind of earbud is typically used to listen to music, it can also be plugged into a laptop, to hear sounds, listen to music or watch movies. Earbuds may also be useful when sampling music online before purchasing songs. When surfing the Internet, stereo earbuds may come in handy when trying to listen to sounds online for trying to learn a foreign language, hear what a bear cub sounds like or replay a favorite scene from a movie.

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