Types of Bluetooth Speakers

- Aug 04, 2017-


Indoor/Home Bluetooth Speakers

Indoor Bluetooth speakers offer better sound quality than portable speakers. Large, high-quality indoor speakers can approach the audio quality of traditional wired speakers. Some indoor Bluetooth speakers run from battery power or an AC adapter. For a Bluetooth speaker you’ll use primarily at home and indoors, an AC adapter works great. The battery option allows you to take the speaker outdoors if you want. However, unless the speaker specifically carries a rating for weather protection, only use indoor speakers outdoors on a dry day.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to take your Bluetooth speaker to a picnic or poolside, look for a unit rated to work outdoors. Such speakers will offer water- or weather-resistant capabilities to protect them from the elements. Some outdoor speakers are large enough to deliver high-volume sound while still providing good battery life. Outdoor speakers sport a rugged design, too, which allows you to toss a speaker into a bag and carry it anywhere.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are extremely small. As such, they don’t deliver top-end audio quality. They especially tend to struggle with loud bass sounds. However, they’re great for walking or biking while listening to music if you don’t want to use headphones. Some portable speakers are small enough to clip onto a backpack or belt. If you want a portable unit that also delivers good audio quality, consider an outdoor-rated Bluetooth speaker. It will probably be too large to clip onto a backpack, but it will fit inside a backpack and stand up to rugged treatment during a hike or bike ride.

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