Smart Home Bluetooth technology the next flash point

- Dec 24, 2015-

Most widely used wireless technology in the world is? The answer is Bluetooth, maybe you will be surprised at the answer. 2015 Bluetooth Asia Conference held in Shanghai recently passed on the message, thanks to the popularity of the Bluetooth technology in intelligent mobile phone, by 2018 the Bluetooth will be covering 96% of the mobile phone.

But the phone is not Bluetooth only comes in, IOT, smart home development will Bluetooth technology in the future development of more room. But before this, Bluetooth technology needs to make up for their weaknesses, it's networking capabilities.

And Wi-Fi complement main smart home

In the Bluetooth Asia 2015 Conference, Huawei wearable product experts with this year's MWC posted on its watch, sports bracelets and sports headphones, introduce these products in the Bluetooth adapter in the process of innovation and challenge. In the audience, practitioners of an intelligent household exclaimed: "Bluetooth is more suitable for wearable device, but not for the smart home. "In fact, his concern is that the Bluetooth device networking problems.

Prior to the design of an intelligent home products, the first question to consider is what technical networking, and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee (a short range, low power wireless communications technology) would automatically be stage three mainstream technology to compare.

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