Projection system is superior to the flat panel display system

- Dec 24, 2015-

With the gradual promotion of multimedia teaching and education to accelerate the process of informatization, using projector-aided teaching in schools has become more common, what kind of projection device quality is better and more suitable for classroom use? State of digital audio and video and multimedia products quality supervision and inspection center, recently released the liquid crystal display (LCD) projection and flat panel (FPD) display system in the education in the field of health and safety performance analysis and research report (hereinafter report) showed that both health and safety and in the system performance and projection systems are superior to flat panel display system.

According to introduced, relies on national digital sound video and the multimedia products quality supervision test center evaluation platform, simulation students classroom class State, scene oriented education field, report to LCD (LCD) projection and flat (FPD) displayed system for main analysis research object, through Blu-ray energy, and flashing, and work noise, and brightness attenuation, and compared degrees, and perspective, and energy efficiency index, index, for health security, and systemic can for has relative full of analysis. Through objective testing shows that the practice environment in the field of education, projection system is superior to the flat panel display system.

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