Maintenance method for Bluetooth speaker

- Dec 24, 2015-

1, the normal operating temperature should be 18~45℃ Bluetooth speaker device, the temperature is too low reduces some of the machines (tube) sensitivity; too many easily burnt out components, parts or cause premature aging. Special attention should be given to calm down in the summer, keep the air circulating. 2, Bluetooth speakers material out of direct sunlight, and avoid close to sources of heat such as heaters. 3, Bluetooth speaker equipment after use, each function key reset. If a function key is not reset for a long time, in times of stress state of torsion spring long, can easily lead to dysfunction. 4, power amplifier, switching power supply, rotary volume potentiometer to minimum, which is one of the most effective means to protect the power amplifier and Bluetooth speaker. At this time, almost zero power amplifier power amplifier, at least no damage during the operation of the speakers. 5, you must power on a regular basis. No use for a long time, especially in wet conditions, the hot season, the best power for half an hour every day. This may cause parts work machine using heat to remove moisture, avoid internal coils and speakers voice coils, transformer moisture mold. 6, every once in a while wipe the machine with a soft cotton cloth to clean wet the surface; when not in use, use a dust cloth cover to prevent dust entering.

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