How to proceed a new mould for bluetooth speaker

- Apr 25, 2017-

How to proceed a new mould for bluetooth speaker

as bluetooth speaker manufacturer in Shenzhen, China since 2010, we produced many patent design speakers and produced many popular products.


Now we are very welcome customers to start new models with our factory.


This is how to process a new model:


1. Let us know your idea for your new products: design, material, function, colors, size and so on.


2. We will send our effect draw based on your idea in about 3-5 days


3. after your confirmation to our effect draw, we will start to make 3D sample for your confirmation


4. after your confirmation for the 3D sample, we will start to make a new product and send you the real samples.


Please contact us for more information if you need to start the ODM service.

The following are our products: 


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