How to Design Bluetooth speakers

- Oct 05, 2016-

In the design of a Bluetooth speaker product appearance, we must first note that the most important is to comply with the principles of acoustics, especially the bass system. Plastic can be more shape and color matching, naturally better with the chassis, monitors and other design, Bluetooth speaker is not limited to the original wood material, more diversified material and shape. At present, some users think that the sound quality of plastic speakers is not good, in fact, this is not science. We are familiar with most of the basic Bluetooth speakers are plastic material, the sound is also very good. Positioning in the high-end products, although not as foreign products that have excellent design and materials, but the sound quality will not be much different than the wooden box, so this market has developed rapidly. Speaker design taboo 5 "no" As a designer, not only to study the speaker shape, but also to study the use of related materials, color matching, internal speakers, circuit settings and appearance of coordination, the overall coordination. In the speaker design, taboo 5 "no": 1. Cabinet design does not conform to the principle of acoustics. In the design of the time, we must first understand that this is a speaker cabinet design. As a speaker cabinet design, especially the bass cabinet design, must consider the horn and space cooperation. Speaker of the structure, and the cabinet size must, speaker diameter, air guide specifications with. For example, the cabinet selection of different sizes of speakers, it is necessary to design a different air space. If not considered in these areas, the speaker will be manufactured out of sound quality is not satisfactory. 2. Design does not meet the industrial design principles. A speaker cabinet design, must be able to manufacture, sell and win the market as the prerequisite. If the design of the speaker shape is stunning, but also very creative, but can not put into production and sales. Or even if it can be manufactured, but the cost is huge, and far more than the psychological acceptance of the market and the general public, this design will always only look at the paper can not be put into practice. Speaker design must be a combination of emotional and rational process is the spark of commercial and artistic collision. 3. Composition is not clear enough. In fact, a speaker product exactly how, in the absence of actual production before, are relying on drawings to show and make people aware. Therefore, drawing is very important. Drawing from multiple sides, from multiple angles, but also in the size of accurate, fully show the speaker. In addition, in the works, graphic color, background contrast, the main highlight, the details of the characterization is also very important, a good design to be noticed, we must pay attention to these. 4. Creative is not clear, imitation traces heavy. Speaker design, if obviously with the traces of imitation, the lack of creativity, there is no freshness, it will greatly weaken the overall advantage. But here to illustrate is that learning and imitation is different, there are essential differences between the two, how to grasp this degree, is that the skill of the individual. 5. The overall consideration is not comprehensive. Speaker is a whole, so in the design of the time, to fully take into account the zero components of the speaker such as wiring settings, support and speakers with the computer display space and position, and can not think of light design box is sufficient , To consider what is the actual use of the environment. Different speakers, such as 2.1, 2.0, or multimedia speakers or home theater systems with large-screen speakers, but also fully consider the characteristics of the future with the object. Such as multimedia speakers because it is used with the computer speakers, so the size of the satellite box is generally smaller and so on. Speaker design three concepts As a speaker used in the market design, the need for the characteristics of the market and manufacturers to design. First, the market-leading half-step. If the development of obsolete products, only low-profit sales, and too much ahead of the product will make a long period of promotion, due to innovative design concepts, profits may be high, but sales are not necessarily high, the company also use a lot of resources Guide users to accept this product; Second, in line with the factory's manufacturing process and cost requirements, the design of the product must be done in the factory can be put into mass production. Third, the establishment and respect for tradition. A company's products must have its characteristics, like BMW, IBM computer, we can recognize it at a glance. Designers design products, it must be as directed development, speaker design is a continuous development process.

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