Digital junkies can't miss Bluetooth speaker

- Dec 24, 2015-

With social of development, we of life rhythm increasingly fast, we also increasingly no patience to learning products, so we hope a paragraph products can set practical, and fun son, and dazzle cool, and small all of Yu a (are so-called "high-end atmosphere Shang grade, low-key luxury has connotation"), this paragraph products also to volume small, efficiency high, can should we very tension of using space, best also can for in variety occasions using.

So, Sony's new BSP60 appeared. As a smart Bluetooth speaker, this looks really strange, that has not been started, it is a large cast light briquettes, ugly, in addition to the two small wheels on the bottom and a switch, but could not see anything. But Dang we started products Hou, "briquettes" top Department sides rises two a round of ear, looks more like a technology sense full of traditional styling alarm clock, rose up of "ear" below with LED glow device, can with music of rhythm transform lights color, "ear" also can with music of rhythm telescopic; in positive has LCD display and by diagonal arrangement of four a touch type press, technology style full.

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