Car audio speaker 2 major causes of damage

- Dec 24, 2015-

Damage: mechanical damage

Each unit has a certain power of design, for example, average power 150W, it refers to the voice coil from a 150WRMS amplifier power, voice coil is still moving normally in the magnetic gap, which means that the design of voice coil is in the normal range of motion in the magnetic gap.

To do a certain amount of power, the first paper to special treatment, the special treatment here is not to prevent rupture of high power and low basins, but the outside paper Cone, we use materials (such as rubber, paper or cloth edges), different materials have different damping coefficient, used in most professional speakers. After paper selection coupled with Reed (Reed is also positioning to the voice coil with damping component), with cone and damping system consisting of reeds, this speaker mechanical design. This design focuses on power, as in a magnetic field, audio conversion will become a driving force of electric power through the voice coil, this driver if not reasonably unable to convert electric power sound power. Design mechanical balance, is designed to withstand power directly.

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